Hello, dear friends! 

This is the first issue of our school magazine «Friendship». We are happy and proud of it! We made the magazine together with our creative students and teachers! To be popular among the readers the magazine should have fresh ideas, new interpretation of old themes, and new original topics. The magazine should provide its readers with unusual and unexpected information, give the ideas to think over and discuss with friends and teachers. It should be connected with its readers. They should have an opportunity to write to the paper, to come here with their problems and be sure that the magazine will be able to help them. So the magazine is successful only if it has close relations with its readers. 

School magazine also has to be fascinating for its readers. It should contain useful and attractive information, which will be able to help young learners to keep up their English and to expand their knowledge and horizons! 

Welcome to «Friendship»! Enjoy English and let’s be friends! 

Elena V. Vatoropina 

Download  first issue of our school magazine «Friendship»